School students are participating annual to professional activities: symposiums, professional competitions "Everything about Health," sessions of since communication at national level, conference which are organized by Romanian medical personalities.

     Also the school students are being volunteers for nongovernmental organization where the school is a member : "Family" Foundation, The foundation of helping elderly, "Cascada" Fundation, " Child Heart" Fundation, they were part of Operation Smile team.

     Before to be good professionals, the medical nurses needs to know how to be good persons. For "building" the personality of future health helper , the school are organizing different activities: "Balul Bobocilor", " Balul Primaverii" , going to theater, the Gaudeamus festivity, editing the school magazine Esculap, meetings with personalities for Galati .

     The school has beside the usual and normal utilities , modern equipment, update with the help from nongovernmental organizations from another countries, assign in classrooms and in the specialties demonstration classrooms assuring for the students a nice modern didactic material.

    Our school is organizing the theory activity in 10 class rooms :

    In our buildings the school has:
  • 2 demonstration classrooms
  • 1 library
  • 1 reading class
  • 1 offices
  • one apartment where we have a medical cabinet for the students, a meeting room and a library
  • one apartment whit 10 beds designated to experience exchange students.
     Rented spaces and arrange in:
  • study classroom (40 places) - Children Hospital Sf. Ioan
  • change room - Judetean Hospital Sf Apostol Andrei
  • change room - Municipal Hospital "Elizabeta Domana"
     We also have a place -500 mp - rent for 10 years from the Galati City Council :
  • one demonstration classroom where students are studying general medicine
  • one demonstration classroom where students are studying pharmacy
  • one computer classroom
  • one foreigner languages
  • two classroom
  • teachers' room
  • 2 rooms with didactic materials
  • one secretariat office
  • one director office