Carol Davila Nursing School - Galati was found in 1993 and took the name of the men who create the "Romanian Red Cross", who create the first university in Romania "National School of Medicine and Pharmacy" and the first news magazine for the doctors from Romania " Roman Doctor".

     Keeping in mind the Carol Davila's polymorphism spiritual master of our school who got the TRUST AUTORIZATION ,base the decision of C.N.E.A.I.P. No.10 from 07/10/1999 approved by M.E.N. Through minister, Direction No. 4146 from 07/27/1999- is preparing:
  • general nurses
  • pharmacology assistant
     The section of general nurses has the biggest spreading in Romanian health system. We are always trying to improve the practice for our students so they will be capable to give quality and quantity care , to find the delimitation and to consider the monetary and the personal resource through setting-up some informational measures with enough transparency. In this way we can contribute at razzing up the population healt level.